Wine Appreciation Archive 2018

Wine appreciation

September 2018 – I have altered the way we do things so that now I write notes on 5 wines and the group are asked to identify each one, 2 whites and 3 reds. It gets them thinking and they seem to enjoy it.   Our last Italian tasting was a close run thing between Roversi pecorino terre di chieti and Valpollicello ripassa from Asda. We have just 2 vacancies if anyone is interested.  John Slater

The Wine group attended a wine tasting event at the Albert Hall, Nottingham. There were some 38 wines and 2 gins to be tried. It was an excellent presentation by Sunday Times wines and for 2 hours they all had a party!   John Slater

March 2018 – The group’s 17 members and 8 guests visited a wine tasting  in Nottingham at The Albert Hall on Saturday 10th March. A good selection of 31 wines and 3 gins from around the world put everyone in excellent humour .   John Slater

Wine group at the Albert Hall, Nottingham for tasting wine & gin, March 2018.

We now have 17 members which is the maximum we can cater for, room size etc.

April 2018 – Our chair lady attended our last meeting. They were somewhat talkative on the night as usual. We had an Italian evening and two wines were greatly appreciated. An Obitali bolgheri from Asda at £10.48 (buy two get one free) it was full of black fruit and long lasting. It was a close call with a Tignanello 96 from my cellar. All had a good night.    John Slater