Volunteer Rotas

This page is being updated as decisions are made regarding future meetings. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED  To make the church ready for the monthly meeting we need volunteers to fill any of the roles to help the meetings run smoothly. We will not be serving refreshments until further notice.  Choose from Meet and Greeters, Signing in or Setting up & Clearing away.

We are asking for volunteers to sign up for the Volunteer Rotas and undertake one of the tasks.

Your help will be greatly appreciated – pass your details onto Janet Lander – volunteer.coordinator@eastwoodu3a.org

Monthly meeting: 

Meet & Greet:

Signing In:

Set up/Clear away: Geoff Gration, Peter Hayden, Robert Leam, Barry Seeley

P.A. Team: Ray Dring, Roger Bacon, Colin McGillivray, Kevin Rockley, Frank Queripel, Terry Marriott.

If you would like to volunteer for these rotas, please contact
Janet Lander

email: volunteer.coordinator@eastwoodU3A.org