Church History

The Group Contact is Marianne Chisholm, tel 01159 134 077 email

The group normally meets on the 2nd Friday of each month from 1.30 pm at Rumbletums, Kimberley.  It is a small group in which individual members take responsibility for organising events.  We normally have several trips planned so please ring for further details before joining.

Next meeting is in January 2022.

Church History Archive 2018-19

On Friday 12th November the Church History Group met at Rumbletums in Kimberley where George Walsh gave an extremely interesting talk on the first and only Englishman to become Pope.
Born in 1100 as Nicholas Breakspear he studied law in Aries, France. He had a varied career travelling next to Avignon to become a Canon Regular at the Abbey of Saint Ruf. During the next few years he travelled to Rome on several occasions where his talents where noticed by the Pope.  He became the Abbot of Saint Ruf, then in 1154 he was elected Pope and became Adrian 1V.  He died in 1159.
In December we will meet for a festive lunch together at Rumbletums, then resume our regular monthly meetings in January. An interesting and varied programme for 2022 has already been planned.