Local Walks

These walks are intended for households/bubbles or 1 plus 1  whilst Covid 19 advice restricts mixing households.

Many of us have found new places to walk in the last 6 months. Here I share with you those that I have added to my favourites. Please feel free to email me any you think deserve a mention; webeditor@eastwoodu3a.org.

The walks have been updated with additional photos 5/1/21, some text corrections.

Where possible I will give additional information on transport links, terrain or walking conditions, distance.

Please be careful out there. Although I have given some indication of conditions when I did the walk, the weather may affect what is underfoot, ice, mud, big puddles etc.

(You guessed I went for a walk yesterday and it was very slippery and I nearly ended up in a very thorny hedge. It could of been worse it could have been a canal!!!)

(If you would like to try using a simple GPS device, I can lend you one with the walks preloaded onto it. It will not show a map but you can trace your position against the route as you do the walk)

Bennerley viaduct 1 – 3.9km (2.42 miles)

Our first walk passing the Bennerley viaduct, continuing over the railway, along the canal, back under the railway, over the Erewash river and then back past Winston the wind turbine to the football club. Click the link below the picture for detailed instructions.

Use this link to more details – Bennerley Viaduct Walk 1 from near A610 near football club

Bennerley viaduct walk 2  (3.3Km)

The second walk starts from the car park next to the canal at Newtons Lane, Awsworth on the road towards Cotmanhay.

You are likely to see both of these, though I cannot guarantee the ducks!!

Follow the link for detailed instructions Bennerley viaduct walk2

Erewash Walk 1 (2.8 Km)

Going back to the start of my walks from Langley Mill to Ilkeston here is one that starts from a gate to the canal from Kentucky Fried Chicken car park, though we normally park in Lidl car park.

Out of the car park turn right

Use the link below for more instructions

Erewash walk 1

Erewash walk 2 (5.4 Km)

Starting further down the Erewash path here is a longer walk, though there are short cuts (or it could be split into two walks). This walk was suggested by Keith Sherwood and merges two of the walks that I have done.

Use the link below for instructions

Instruction for Erewash walk 2

Erewash walk 3 (also goes past Bennerley viaduct)


This walk is 4km long and is canal tow path and road or a lane. Which makes it suitable for trainers if you ignore the puddles.

Follow this link for more detailed instructions.

Erewash walk 3



Cossall Walk 1 (3.5 Km)

Cossall walk 1

This walk again starts from the car park off Newtons Lane on the road to Cotmanhay.

There are two endings to this walk one which goes over fields and requires boots or wellingtons, the other not so much.

Cossall walk 1




Cossall walk 2 (4.6 Km)

Cossall walk 2

This walk starts from the car park on the corner of the left hand bend on the road from Cossall to Trowell. Some aspects maybe muddy.

Click the link below for further instructions.

Cossall 2