Ukulele Archive 2019

Eastwood U3leles played at Underwood Flower Group, 18th Nov 2019.

The Ukulele group were asked to play a selection of songs for Underwood Flower Group for their November meeting.

Eastwood U3leles play at the Memory Cafe in Plumptre Hall, Sept 10th 2019.
The Ukulele group were asked to play at the memory cafe held on the first Tuesday of the month in Plumptre Hall. They played for about an hour with a selection of popular songs, some old and some more up to date, some members of the audience joined in the singing. The organisers were pleased with the way the afternoon went.


Eastwood U3leles play at Haywood House Summer Fair, 29th June 2019.

The Ukulele band were asked to play 2 sessions to entertain at the Summer Fair held by Haywood House, Nottingham.