Everyday Science

This group is not currently meeting.

The contact for the group is Doris Fellows tel. 01773 710504

The Everyday Science Group meets on the 4th Monday of the month from 10.30 – 12.30 at the Foresters Arms, Main Street, Newthorpe (opposite Barlows Butchers).

At the first meeting the members discussed what they wanted from the group and how they were going to organise the sessions. The hope is that members will take it in turns to research and lead sessions with the opportunity for others to contribute. That will take the majority of the meeting, but should allow time for any general science discussion.

This friendly group is quite small at the moment so new members are very welcome, even if you think you’re only interested in coming to hear about one topic.

Past Meetings:

Monday 26th November – The World’s Oldest Computer; the Antikythera

Monday 22nd October – Nano technology

Monday 24th September – Earth Formation

Monday 23rd July – Water treatment & sewerage

Monday 25th June – Earth’s atmosphere

Monday 21st May – Animals – Endangered species and conservation