Creative Writing

Meeting dates for the rest of 2022:

  • Thursday 8th September at 2 pm
  • Wednesday 12th October at 2 pm
  • Tuesday 1st November at 2 pm
  • Tuesday 6th December at 5 pm

We will be covering a number of themes:

  • Poetry – looking at different styles and themes
  • Building and developing characters
  • Writing from visual prompts

For further information please contact Chris, telephone  07891 032 300.


We have been working on creating credible characters by the way we describe them, what they say and how they behave.  We do activities during the session to help us to continue our writing at home. We discuss our work and give each other constructive feedback, which will hopefully lead to improvements. Some of our group have written before, others are complete novices.

We aim to make our sessions fun and have a slot to discuss; books, films, theatre productions and television programmes.

The photograph shows the group working on their characters experiencing a particular emotion. They are deciding how they could best demonstrate this in a convincing way. Don’t they look deep in thought!

We are not always that serious. If you want to unleash the writer in you do come along and join us.

creative-pic creative-writing-3




The Creative Writing Group members got together using Zoom on Monday 8th June. This was our first ‘official’ meeting since lockdown and using this method of contact (without actually being in contact) worked very well for us. Just 5 members took part on this maiden voyage but we look forward to seeing and speaking with the other members in ten days time for our next meeting. As Zoom time is limited not too much time is available for chit-chat so Chris soon put us to work and I feel already we are back on track and looking forward to Wednesday 17th June, after we have done our homework!!  Madeleine Fletcher

Creative writing group presentation at the December meeting

Nine members of the group read a script they had written about the fictional Maxwell family at the end of their Christmas dinner. Each person played a different family member who were thinking about the year gone past and the one ahead. Their thoughts were spoken by the characters – some amusing, some poignant and some argumentative.

The presentation was much enjoyed by the members and thanks were given by the committee for the group’s contribution to the social occasion.

The Maxwell family!
The Maxwell family!