Art Appreciation Archive 2017-19

August 2019 – Visit to Patchings Art Centre, Calverton

We visited Patchings to see the exhibition called ‘Breaking Ground’ which was a series of installations of varying styles placed around the grounds by members of The Yorkshire Sculptors Group.  This followed on very appropriately from our earlier visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

It was a lovely day for a slow walk around the grounds spotting the installations, some of which we admired, some we managed to interpret and some we just struggled to understand.

The walk also took in Monet’s bridge and we finished with lunch in the café.

May 20th 2019 – Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The Art Appreciation Group and members of the wider U3A had a very successful visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on a lovely sunny day. We saw work by Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Ai Weiwei, and Damien Hirst out in the parkland, Kimsooja’s To Breathe exhibition in the Chapel where we walked on a floor of mirrors – a very strange experience. The new Weston Gallery exhibition showed the work of Thukral and Tagra from Delhi about the connection of Indian farmers with the ancient form of wrestling known as kushti and incorporated a “Twister” type interactive mat on the floor to make you think about the trials faced by the farmers. The Longside Gallery exhibition Criminal Ornamentation featured work by various artists and was equally thought provoking.

The Group would welcome new members so come along if you are interested.

November – War Art

Continuing the theme there will be a presentation about WW1 artists based on the resources of the Imperial War Museum and a look at one artist in particular, Anna Airy, and further contributions from members.

Visit – The Harley Gallery, 22nd October

Ten members of the Group visited the Harley Gallery at Welbeck Abbey to see the latest exhibition which was Dichotomy by sculptor Kate MccGwire.    She describes the works as “familiar yet otherworldly, beautiful and disgusting, tranquil and malicious.”

The sculptures were made of feathers, quills, leather etc. and whilst we all acknowledged the work that had gone into each piece some of us thought they were wonderful whilst others were left repelled.    Which is what the sculptor was trying to achieve.

An exhibition well worth visiting, as is the adjoining Portland Collection of paintings and priceless artifacts collected by the Cavendish family over the years.The group enjoyed coffee in the café by the Gallery before having a late lunch at the garden centre restaurant next door.
See gallery for photos

October – War Art

We were shown members’ family WW1 memorabilia and an extensive collection of postcards from the time.  We learned about the looting of the Benin bronzes during the Boer War, many of which are to found in the Horniman Museum in London and are said to have influenced Pablo Picasso.  We looked at the work of Dame Laura Knight during WW2.  One member talked about the use of artists as illustrators for the newspapers and in particular the London Illustrated News in the 19th century during the Crimea and Boer Wars through to WW1.


May 2018 meeting and visit.

Our most recent meeting was held at the Sun inn on May 21st where we enjoyed two presentations. The first one by Linda Rothwell featured Benvenuto Cellini and the iconic priceless gold and enamel saltcellar he produced in 1543. The second presentation by David and Sue Willey featured the works of Alfred de Breanski Senior and Junior. Both presentations were entertaining and informative.
On Tuesday 29th May twelve of us had an enjoyable trip to Derby Museum & Art Gallery to look at the current exhibition entitled, Art in Industry, which we found to be most interesting. The next meeting will be held on Monday 18th June at the Sun Inn at 10.30am  David Willey   (see photo in gallery)


Tuesday 27th March 2018

Today twelve of us had a guided tour of the Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery at Weekday Cross which was found to be interesting, informative and very diverse. The tour lasted for about an hour and the guide was very pleasant and enthusiastic. This was followed by a trip to the Lakeside Arts Centre at Nottingham University to view the current exhibition at the Djanogly Gallery entitled, Scaling the Sublime – Art at the limits of landscape.
At the last meeting on March 19th future gallery visits were discussed including trips to Leicester, Sheffield, and to Derby again to see their current Art in Industry exhibition. Further details will be confirmed later. The next meeting will be on Monday April 16th at 10.30 am in the conference room of the Sun Inn.(photo in gallery)      David Willey


 Our recent meeting was held on Monday 19th February 2018 at our regular venue. the Sun Inn Eastwood. Two artist profiles were presented, the first one being the art of Beryl Cook and the second one as a complete contrast featured the work of Paul Cezanne which everyone found to be most interesting and informative.  David Willey


Monday 18th September 2017: There was  a short presentation on the work of the artist Peter Burgess, who is holding an exhibition of his work 1997- 2017 at Patchings Art Centre, Calverton from 2nd September to the 8th October. A visit to ‘Patchings’ to see his work ‘in the flesh’ will probably be organised – but more of that at a later date. Also at the meeting we  had a presentation on the life and work of Joseph Wright, examples of who’s work can be seen at Derby Museum and Art Gallery. See gallery for photograph.