All Things Environment

NB. We have closed the group for a while as numbers are currently very low.  We'll meet up for a coffee later in the year and discuss the future of the group.

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Members of the group will generate their own ideas for discussion. Likely subjects will include topics such as transport, cleaning products, plastic waste, recycling, our own carbon footprints.

The purpose of the group will be to promote group members’ own learning of and awareness about relevant issues: local and global.
Hopefully we will find a way for us to make a difference for the sake of our children, grandchildren.

We would love to welcome you along!

April 2022

How green is your wardrobe?  This month we began to look at what this means in terms of our carbon footprint.  What can we do to minimise our fashion footprint.  What might that involve?


Preliminary Meeting 17th November 2021

There were 9 of us at the Great Northern for the preliminary meeting. We talked about recycling – the difficulty in knowing whether we are doing it right; questions about whether it’s worth it or not. We decided to arrange a speaker from Veolia or visit their Mansfield Facility.
Buying goods, especially food: the onus should be on the manufacturer to use recyclable materials; remove plastic from veg; where can we buy loose beans, pulses etc? Should we only buy food in season? Do we (or others) need to replace household items because of fashion or season? Mostly our generation don’t, 20-50 year olds more likely to do this – need dissuading.
Medicine packs – Terracycle use specific Superdrug pharmacies for recycling scheme – Sutton, Mansfield, Derby are our closest. Once collected, the empty blister packets are separated by polymer type and cleaned (if necessary). The material is then extruded into plastic pellets to make new recycled products.
We agreed that we would all calculate our carbon footprint and research something relevant to the topics discussed (or something that we’re particularly interested in) and bring our findings to the next meeting on the 19th January.