Institute of Advanced Motoring – Post Lockdown Driving

The presentation advertised in August is now available on YouTube here https://youtu.be/IqSQzOQn0gg.

It’s a private listing so only those with the link can see it.

Several people have signed up for free tasters and we hope that many more will do. These are available throughout the East Midlands and members can sign up for them here https://www.iamroadsmart.com/groups/lincolnshire/our-courses/tasterdrive. We also offer a 10% discount on our Advanced Driver Courses for U3A members (RRP £149), members can get that discount by getting in touch with us or signing up for a free taster and completing this first.

We hope you all found it beneficial and hope to be able to deliver many more of these to U3A groups either in person or online. We also have a range of other more specific presentations including night driving, winter driving, motorway driving and more if these are of interest.

Anyone is welcome to get in touch with us with questions and we’ll get back to them.

Ashley Behan, Secretary, IAM Lincolnshire

0300 365 0152     07983 122020




The current subscription is £20 for the year, £17 for Associate Members.

If you wish to join please contact membership@eastwoodu3a.org