Research Project, Nottingham Trent University

Allison Waite

I am a mature researcher (and lecturer) undertaking a PhD at NTU. The focus of my research is how easy or difficult mature women (over the age of 55) find it to shop for attractive well-fitting clothing in the U.K.

Major high street retailers know that the clothing they offer is unsatisfactory in terms of fit and often design and yet seem unable to solve the issue. Because of this NTU have established an active research initiative under the name Fashioning Fit, and academics are trying to put together research to clarify the most important issues and find ways of solving them. This research is funded directly by the University, and is intended to impact on teaching and the research community as a whole. No retailer is in any way directly funding this research, it has an academic focus.

My own specialism is Knitwear Design and I have over 25 years’ professional experience in the area, I also hold a Degree and a Masters in the subject. I am looking for women of any size, shape and background who are interested in clothing and (most importantly) have something to say to be interviewed and take part in focus groups.

The data generated will be used to inform garment prototypes, a written Thesis and research publications. Hopefully, some of the outcomes will be used to help inform young designers of the needs and desires of mature women and help them design better clothing.

But, I can’t do anything without the most important source of information and experience, the women themselves!

I would be more than happy to talk to anyone interested in helping with this study, or even come alone and discuss the research so far at a meeting if your members would be interested.

I look forward to hearing from you, and it would be fantastic if some of your members would be interested in being involved in this research.

Best Regards

Allison Waite
(0115) 9118513

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