War Babies & Boomers

If you are interested, please send your contact details: name, email address, phone number and membership number to warbabies@eastwoodu3a.org
Ann McGillivray

What was your favourite toy when you were small? Do certain songs, LPs, films, books remind you of periods of your life? Which teacher influenced you (good or bad) during your school days? Food, games, homes, holidays. So many things from our childhood and beyond made us the people we are today.
This is Social History. Not kings and queens, politicians, world events, but OUR story, our memories. We need to record them before they are forgotten, and lost forever.
Would you be interested in being part of a Social History Group? I can co-ordinate, and organise Zoom meetings and emails, and we can cover a topic each month. Say for example, Games We Played one month, Music That Defined Times in Our Lives another, and so on. I have found in other groups that one person’s memories trigger others to remember theirs.
We don’t all have to be essayists. I am sure within the group there will be those able to take notes, record and edit. We could also possibly video people’s memories. In the end we should have a reasonable record, visual and/or written, of our living history to pass on to future generations.