The Discussion group meets online whenever we like. Zoom meetings will be arranged at each meeting.

put the world to rights.

The contact for the group is Jayne Holmes business.secretary@eastwoodu3a.org

Please let me know if you wish to be on the mailing list for this group.


The next Discussion Group Meeting is on August 17th at 3.30pm(Zoom).

The topic is: Should we be feeding our children on processed food?


To be held on Zoom Tuesday May 18th 3:30 pm

Do I have to become a vegan to save the planet (and other uncomfortable outcomes if we do nothing)?


To be held on Zoom Tuesday 20th April at 3:30 pm

‘Looking for positive role models and contrasting this to our grandparents’


25 th March 11:000 am on Zoom

On Thursday 25th March an inaugural meeting was held by zoom for the newly reformed discussion group facilitated  by Bob Ford..
There were twelve members who joined Bob to look at the question posed of ‘Retired people leave their mark on the world …. discuss’
Ground rules were established and agreed those present  Zoom etiquette issues were also discussed, including letting the group contact know should you be unable to join a meeting, as a matter of courtesy.
There are resources and advice about discussion group topics on the u3a.org website which we were urged to refer to.  This link was shared by Bob via Beacon on 25th March.
20 April 2021 at 3.30 pm was agreed by all those present as the date for the next meeting.  The zoom link will be sent out a few days prior to this date.
A lively and interesting discussion took place.
The topic for the April meeting will be ‘Looking for positive role models and contrasting this to our grandparents’


Send your responses to webeditor@eastwoodu3a.org

Finally, more than one contact for the group would be a great idea, why not volunteer to help run the group or chair discussions (no really I do hate the sound of my own voice!!)

If you wish to join us, you are more than welcome. For further information about the group or what is being discussed this month please contact chairman@eastwoodu3a.org

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