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Extrodinary Adventures: Pirates!

Here’s a great game of Pirates where each player controls three pirate ships and sails them around the Caribbean attacking, trading, building their crew and attacking. First to Trinidad ends the game, but that doesn’t mean they’ve won!

There are thousands of board games to play online and most are free. You can see a selection if you Google “TableTopia” or “Board Game Arena” and these can be played in your browser with other members anytime, anywhere.  These include all the usual classic games (except Monopoly – we won’t be playing Monopoly!) alongside many interesting new games with themes ranging from running a vineyard to building a settlement on Mars.

We will use an application called Discord which lets us talk to each other and break off into separate groups to play different games.  Members will need a computer with internet access and a microphone.  Experience tells us that it’s really helpful to have a mouse as games often involve picking things up and moving them on the screen.

The official meeting days are 3.00 pm on the 4th Tuesday and 2pm on the second Friday of the month, but it’s easy to arrange games anytime you like.

The contact for the group is Marshal Anderson. Email